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Acecore Technologies: Supplier Spotlight

Acecore Technologies: Supplier Spotlight

At aetha, we are the recognised suppliers for several market-leading companies in the drone technology space.

In our first edition of supplier spotlight, we are covering the unique and exciting Dutch brand Acecore Technologies.

Who are acecore technologies?

Acecore Technologies is an integrator, developer and manufacturer of high-end tailor-made drones and camera technology for professional use. They’re a young team headed up by their Founder & CEO, Jorrit Linders.

Acecore Technologies was founded to raise the bar for performance and looks in the UAV world. They began as end users in drone cinematography, who felt there was no platform available that met their standards. In turn, they decided to solve that challenge themselves.

Now they have drones flying in all verticals, from LiDAR, mapping & inspection to security, agriculture and creativity. Beyond their impressive standard of drones, Acecore’s capability for customisation separates them from the rest.

Although compatible with many payloads and off-the-shelf products, Acecore also builds commercial/military spec drones. Just let them know what camera, sensor, module or other hardware you need to install, and their engineers will make it happen. 

You can even customise the entire colour scheme of your drone to match your brand, adding company logos and choosing between a glossy or matte finish.

The Acecore UAV fleet consists of small to medium-sized professional drones that can each be configured to serve a wide range of data collection and surveillance purposes.

The Acecore Noa is one of the very few drones to combine heavy lifting with endurance in harsh environments. It combines an impressive 60-minute max flight time with an incredible 20kg payload weight capacity, which can be removed from the frame in one minute.

It uses a lightweight frame that can hold an A7R iv camera and Gremsy T3 V3 gimbal. 

Making it particularly suited to tasks such as land surveying, 2D & 3D LiDAR mapping, wind turbine/powerline inspection and more.

This drone performs well in harsh environments with a wind resistance of 28 knots, 6 Ace motors, and a datalink range of 16km. Like all Acecore drones, the true carbon fibre build gives it a robust exterior and a sleek finish.

The Noa is designed with safety in mind, with added features that allow pilots to be as agile as possible.

The Acecore Zoe is the definition of portable versatility. It features a unique aerodynamic design, ensuring it doesn’t ‘hang’ in the air, but rather ‘stands’ still. This makes it highly weather resistant, operating in continuous winds of up to 30 knots and rain up to 9mm/h. Its hollow arms generate active airflow and pull hot air out of the motor mounts, giving the drone an impressive operating temperature of up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Regarding versatility, this drone is in a league of its own. The Zoe’s body is modular and can easily be taken apart for upgrades and customisation. It has several mounting points, with the payload mount being configurable for many third-party payload integrations.

The Zoe has a flight time of 40 minutes, 4 Ace motors and a max payload weight of 5kg. However, when it is tethered to an Elistair Safe T-2 station, it gives you unlimited flight time.

The Acecore Zetona was built for high-value and high-risk inspections. Its F9P, L1/ L2 RTK precision positioning works with the 4 or 8 oversized engines to hold the system almost completely still in the air.

It features a Sony A7r iv payload with a max flight time of 26 minutes. When in mapping mode, operators have full control over the payload. The integrated 2-axis gimbal tilts 90 degrees downwards on command, and all settings can be accessed remotely.

Perhaps even more impressive is its adaptable control mechanism. It offers single and dual operator setups. 

The pilot-in-command can control and trigger the camera completely independently. When a camera operator joins the mission, he is given control of all the camera’s functions and can yaw the drone as well.

use cases

Security – Acecore drones offer superior performance for critical time-limited missions in the harshest conditions, both day and night. The Acecore Gary, a dual sensor gimbal stabilised payload, is extremely reliable in such situations.

LiDAR – The Acecore Noa covers up to 100 acres of ground before needing a change of battery. Allowing you to generate photorealistic, survey grade, 3D representations of the world.

Inspection – Drone inspections provide incredible efficiency gains over traditional methods. Acecore drones allow you to undertake a variety of inspections that save you time and money.

Aerial Surveying – Aerial mapping and surveying with Acecore drones is faster and more accurate, even with high levels of vegetation cover. GPS and drone metadata can be printed on the output images directly from the drone.


Acecore Technologies are an innovative brand we are proud to be partners with. 

With drones flying in a wide range of verticals and almost unlimited customisation options, they’re unique, versatile and effective.

Plus, they produce the most aesthetically pleasing drones on the market.

Do you want to know more about Acecore?

Get in touch to discuss drone purchase, implementation and equipment with one of our specialists.



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