Drone Insurance Options

Why do you need Drone Insurance?

Drone Insurance is one of the first things to think about before flying commercially. As a commercial drone operator, you are legally required to hold public liability insurance and without it you can risk your business and may be hit with fines reaching tens of thousands of pounds.  CAA regulations require you to have an “adequate level of insurance” which includes public liability and aviation specific liability.  We recommend you consider full cover of your drone to ensure your business is covered for the majority of cases.

Drone insurance covers you for damage done to your drone, or against claims made by someone else whose property your drone may have damaged. For example, if you lose control of your drone and it hits a vehicle, you will be covered for both damage to the drone and for the claim from the owner of the vehicle.

Cost of Drone Insurance

Costs for drone insurance in the UK vary depending on the type of cover you require and the length of the term. Many companies are flexible with their options, giving you a variety of choices including pay per flight, pay monthly or pay annually so you are able to choose the most cost-effective option for your business.

The traditional annual policy is able to split your payments into monthly instalments or a lump sum, just as your other insurance policies and the price will naturally vary between companies. How Pay-As-You-Fly (PAFL) works will vary between providers, but using the custom-built apps created by the providers, you can sometimes get instant cover. It allows you to tailor your coverage for each flight and is risk-dependent, so the safer you fly, the lower the price will be.


Moonrock offer a wide range of policies to suit your commercial needs. Their monthly subscriptions range from Basic, Standard, Premium and Deluxe.

Public Liability

From £1 million to £10 million public liability cover depending on your needs (basic to bespoke cover)

Material Damage

All covers include personally owned and hired-in equipment, whilst it’s in storage, in transit and in flight and from accidental damage. 

Instant Drone Policies

Affordable policies with affordable monthly installments, ranging from basic to deluxe.


Coverdrone offer tailored protection for commercial and recreational operators, including full cover whilst in flight, aviation liability, data protection and invasion of privacy. Coverdrone is fully compliant with EU regulation EC785/2004. Their policy is currently available to pilots in the UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.


Daily – you can purchase 1 to 7 days insurance, suitable for both commercial and recreational use.


Flight Test & Training – 30-day policy covering your flight test and drone training


Coverdrone annual insurance


Flycovered offer Pay As You Fly and Annual Insurance for Commercial Drone Operators. They cover single users and fleets, as well as simple or complex flights.  All their policies are EC785/2004 compliant, designed and underwritten by leading aviation insurers.


Includes 30 days comprehensive in-flight cover plus annual out of flight theft and accidental damage cover for all equipment. 


Your drones and equipment are covered 24/7 for theft and accidental damage in-transit or storage. In-flight cover includes physical damage or loss of drones, unintentional fly-aways and mid-air collisions. 

Third Party Liability Only

Covers your accidental damage to property, or to a member of the public, whilst the insured drone is in flight and being operated commercially. Cover includes invasion of privacy and noise complaints.