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Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave Radar (CSM) works with DJI M300 RTK and can detect objects such as wires and branches, even in the dark. Enhanced flight safety and situational awareness is achieved using 360° horizontal detection. 

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DJI’s flagship drone provides upgraded situational awareness.

  • Detection range of 1.5-30 metres (5-98 feet)
  • IP45 rated device
  • Connect via the PSDK port
  • Maximum speed when the radar is in use: 10m/s (22.3mph).
  • Power Consumption: 12W
  • Operating Frequency: 24GHz

Keeping Your Confidence Despite Obstacles

Taking off has never been safer with the DJI CSM Radar

Circular Scanning Millimeter-Wave Radar (CSM) works with DJI M300 RTK and can detect objects such as wires and branches, even in the dark. Enhanced flight safety and situational awareness is achieved using 360° horizontal detection.

CSM Radar

Key Features

  • DETECT THIN OBSTACLES – Radar can be used to detect obstacles like wires, powerlines and branches.
  • ENHANCE SITUATIONAL AWARENESS – The CSM Radar complements the M300 RTK’s six collision sensors, preventing blind spots.
  • COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE – This radar system can detect objects at a distance between 1.5 and 30 metres (about 5 to 98 feet). The coverage is as follows: 360° horizontal; 60° vertical; 45° upper.
  • BRAKING AND WARNING SYSTEM – Identify obstacles in advance to prevent the drone from crashing. Another layer of safety is provided by the warning system, which features slow-beeping.
  • NIGHTTIME OPERATIONS – Can be used while the drone’s vision system isn’t performing. Robust System: IP45 Rating, in line with the drone.

Keep a safe distance between you and obstacles

Radar signals can be sent out by the CSM Radar and returned to the receiver based on the time taken for them to reflect off an object – enhancing situational awareness and catching objects that were missed by the drone’s vision sensors. Radar and vision sensors can be used together or separately by operators. The radar can be turned on and off.

Obstacle Braking Distance: Determines when the drone will stop when it reaches the range you specify. The Pilot App interface shows braking in red. In complex operations, such as missions near powerlines, this feature is especially useful.

Warning Distance: Configure the obstacle warning range. Once the drone enters the warning parameters, the remote controller will start beeping slowly. On the pilot display, the warning will appear as yellow. On the display, detections outside these set distances will appear as green.


In this example, the drone is flying close to powerlines.

Left, the image shows the flight navigation screen with the radar off, showing very little detected, including the power cables. It is possible for the drone to approach the wires.

However, the image on the right shows the difference once the CSM Radar is switched on. In addition to the power cables, the flight navigation screen is filled with red (brake) and yellow (warning). A drone cannot fly forward towards these powerlines when the brake system is activated and the powerlines fall within these pre-set parameters.

CSM devices offer comprehensive coverage

In order to attach the radar to the drone, it inserts into the upward gimbal port using the four built-in screws. As with the M300 RTK, the CSM Radar is an IP45 rated device. It does not provide complete waterproofing, but it can be used for missions in wet conditions. As it is not dependent on daylight, it can also be used at night. As the drone’s built-in vision sensors cannot function at night, this feature is particularly useful.

Enhanced flight safety and situational awareness

The radar is capable of detecting targets within a range of 1.5-30 metres (5-98 feet). According to the size and nature of the obstacle, the effective detection distance varies. The effective detection range for strong reflective objects, such as buildings, is around 30m/98ft. Detecting weakly reflective objects, like dry tree branches, requires a distance of about 15m/49ft. Outside of the detection range, obstruction sensing may fail or be invalid.

Depending on the payload, the M300 RTK flight time varies. The radar will reduce flight time by about three or four minutes. The maximum speed of the drone when the radar obstacle avoidance is used is 10m/s (22.3mph).


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