YellowScan Mapper+

YellowScan Mapper+

The YellowScan Mapper+ integrates Livox AVIA laser scanner together with high performance GNSS-aided inertial navigation system into a lightweight, standalone and easy-to-use lidar system. Proven capabilities and stable results
over a wide range of applications.

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Advanced performance fitted into a compact survey solution

The new YellowScan Mapper+ can be mounted on a wide range of UAV platforms due to its low weight


AGL altitude: 100m (330ft)


system precision: 2.5cm (1")


system accuracy: 3cm (1.2")


weight battery incl. 1.1kg (2.5lbs)

Why Mapper+ ?

Applanix Inertial and Navigation solution

  • Stable, performing and proven result
  • GNSS-INS post-processing software

Cloudstation processing software included

  • Terrain classification
  • strip adjustment 


  • Terrain classification
  • strip adjustment 

Advanced Yellowscan calibration

  • Improved scanner performance 

Customer support

  • worldwide support by field operation experts

Key differentiators

  • High point density
  • Lightweight
  • 100m typ. flying hight

Technologies inside

  • Livox AVIA laser scanner
  • Applanix APX-15UAV IMU

UAV Integration

  • Multirotor UAV
  • Fixed-wing UAV
  • Helicopter UAV

Colorise the point cloud you create using the Camera Module Extension.

Available now is YellowScans very own camera module for the Mapper+. 

Operating the camera is as simple as pushing a button. Power is supplied through the Mapper+ and the data it creates is stored on it’s dedicated SD card. 

Easily carry and transport your Mapper+ with it's dedicated backpack.

This hardshell backpack comes with custom, precut foam, so you can easily store and carry your LiDAR and everything it needs; extra batteries, laptop, data storage. 

The backpack is the size of carry-on luggage which fits in any airline overhead compartment. 


Human-Machine Interface is thought to be simple and efficient. With LED’s that indicate the LiDAR’s status and YellowScans “Just press the yellow button” philosophy, it couldn’t be more simple. 


Data Storage

You don’t need to connect to your LiDAR system to gather data. Just remove the USB stick from the system and go to your computer. As you receive two USBs, this helps you land and take-off again straight away thanks to the second USB stick.

Survey productivity matters to us! With one USB stick you can store LiDAR data from a 3 hour-survey.

Air flow

We have optimized the temperature management with a double suction grid (air flow management) for a better aeration of the system. You can operate the Mapper+ between -20°C/-4°F and +40°C/140°F.

Dual sensor

We designed a new unique internal port for RGB cameras. You will be able to connect other sensors if needed.


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