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YuSense MS600 Pro

YuSense MS600 Pro

A 6-channel multispectral camera was produced by the Chinese Academy of Sciences team. You can choose from 6 wavelengths, each with their own characteristics. Its unique design obtains spectral data more rapidly and comprehensively than ever before. With real-time correction for ambient light radiation, high precision radiation measurements are more accurate.

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Yusense Ms600

Smart dimming

 The dynamic range sensor provides real-time dimming of multi-objective global optimisation, increasing original image information.

Strong environmental adaptability

 Its metal shell and sapphire windows can take on the harsh field environment, making it rugged enough to withstand industrial applications.

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Accurate data acquisition

High-precision radiation calibration with real-time correction of ambient light radiation, more accurate spectral data.

Drone Integration

In terms of drone integration, it’s deeply compatible with the DJI M200 series and M300 RTK drone flight platforms.


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