DJI Service & Maintenance

DJI Enterprise provides lifetime maintenance program to your aircraft, so you can fly safer as the aircraft is kept at top performance all the time.​

Raise Efficiency

Complete aircraft tasks efficiently and continuously.

Ensure Safety

Ensure stable aircraft performance, reducing unnecessary expenses.

Improve Recordkeeping

Keep track of your aircraft status, and check maintenance records online.

Basic Service

Through detailed inspection, deep cleaning, firmware updates and calibration, the impact of the operating environment on the aircraft as well as unnecessary losses will be reduced.

Standard Service

Apart from the detailed inspection, deep cleaning, firmware updates and calibration, the easily worn parts replacement service is added in the Standard Service, which together helps your aircraft stay at top performance.

Premium Service

In addition to the Standard Service, the Premium Service includes the core components replacement service, enabling the aircraft to fly with a more stable and robust propulsion system.

Cultivating the habit of regularly maintaining drones can improve the drone performance, flight stability and ensure operational safety, which can avoid operation interruption and reduce unnecessary expenses. At the same time, we will provide users with official maintenance reports. Users can grasp the status of the any time to help them better manage their fleet.

Recommended Maintenance Cycle

We recommend that the first maintenance should be done when the aircraft is used for 6 months, or the flight duration reaches 200 hours. And every 6 months or 200 hours for the next maintenance.