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£8,500.00 (Ex VAT)

The DJI Zenmuse H20T is the ultimate payload for public safety and test and inspection. Featuring a 20MP camera with a 23x combined zoom capability, 12MP wide angle camera for object alignment, high resolution thermal imaging camera at 30Hz for thermal analyse and a laser range finder for measurement and geo-location resolving, the H20T is one of the most advanced EOIR payloads on the market.

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providing unprecedented aerial imaging abilities

  • camera
    12 MP Wide Camera 82.9° DFOV
  • viewfinder-zoom-in
    20 MP Zoom Camera 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom
  • thermal-label
    Radiometric Thermal Camera 640×512 px
  • radar
    Laser RangeFinder 1200 m Max Range
  • raindrops
    IP44 Rating
  • camera-mount
    Active Image Stabilization and EIS
  • temperature-cold
    -20°C to 50°C Operating Temperature
  • night-time-operations
    Night Scene Mode

Bringing a new sense of mission efficiency, the Zenmuse H20T is a multi-sensor payload with a unique intelligence and has been carefully designed to provide unprecedented aerial imaging abilities.

H20T – Quad-Sensor Solution

With the capability to measure the distance to an object up to 1200m away, the Zenmuse H20T’s integrated laser rangefinder has been carefully designed to capture everything you want, from up close to far away. In true living colour or thermal. This intelligent, integrated payload brings advanced abilities to DJI’s industrial drone platforms.

  • 20 MP Zoom Camera
  • 12 MP Wide Camera
  • 1200 m LRF
  • 640×512 px Radiometric Thermal Camera

AI Spot-Check

Automate routine inspections and receive consistent data every time. Integrated AI helps out on automated missions by recognising pre-marked subjects and ensuring consistent framing.


Track moving subjects of interest like vehicles or people with the auto-zoom function. This allows you to track whilst simultaneously receiving their dynamic location.

High-Res Grid Photo

Mark around an area of interest using wide camera view and the zoom camera will automatically capture a set of high-resolution images of that area for you. 


Pinpoint specific objects by simply tapping on the screen and advanced sensor fusion algorithms will immediately provide it’s coordinates.


  • 23× Hybrid Optical Zoom, 200× Max Zoom
  • 20 MP 1/1.7” CMOS Sensor
  • Video Resolution: 4K/30fps


  • Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, DFOV: 82.9°
  • 12 MP 1/2.3” CMOS Sensor


  • Range: 3 m – 1200 m
  • Accuracy: ± (0.2 m + D×0.15%)

Radiometric Thermal Camera

  • DFOV: 40.6°
  • Resolution: 640×512, Frame Rate: 30fps
  • Thermal Sensitivity: ≤ [email protected] (NEDT)

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Eliminate any risks by monitoring the temperature of a site or asset by acquiring a precise temperature reading from the air.

Area Measurement

Gives you the ability to select an area to view the lowest, highest, and average temperatures.

Spot Meter

Simply tap on the screen to get a real-time reading of the surface temperature.

Temp Alarm

Be alerted instantly when object temperatures exceed your pre-set alert values.


Visualise a specific band of temperatures to find what is important.

Colour Palettes

Adjust the colours applied to the thermal data based on the needs of specific scenarios.

Gain Modes

Change gain modes to adjust the temperature range captured. In high gain mode, you can cover a smaller temperature range, but it is more sensitive to temperature differences. Low gain mode covers a wider temperature range.

R-JPEG Images

Images captured by the Zenmuse H20T are in the R-JPEG format with embedded temperature information. By importing these images into DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, you can measure temperature, and adjust parameters such as Emissivity, and Reflected Temp.



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